The spooky house in my neighborhood





There is a spooky house in my neighborhood which has been abandoned for years. That house is located on the second street after my street ,so it kinda looks scary at night. Its gate is all rusty and black and has two eyes as a design on its top . But  now those eyes look creep as the paint has rundown. Once ,my friends told me they have heard strange noises from it at night. Some people have also claimed that the have seen people walking in that house .So when the noises and people walking had gone too far me and my friends decided to solve the mystery of that stupid cursed house. We planned to take all of us; group of nine as everyone had one special and extraordinary sense .One of us was good at boxing.one was good at karate ,one of us could hear really well, one of us could smell really well, I was good at remembring  things, one of us had a sense of that something is going to happen, one was good at  taking target when he threw anything so all of them were a real help.

Next day at noon we reached the house and quickly made a plan that three of us  would go inside, three of us would wait at the front door and three of us would keep a watch at the end of the street us get captured they will go get help .We took our places and we went in. We all had  our mobiles to stay in contact if anything went wrong. We entered the house from the back door which swung in the kitchen .The house was not what we had expected it looked so beautiful and furnished. There was beautiful furniture and paintings We crept outside the kitchen and just right then a tall, muscular and healthy man came out of a room There was a sudden chaos between us. We quickly hid ourselves.

One of us hid behind a door ,one of us behind the curtain and I slid inside the table. That man took out a chilled water bottle from the fridge and drank all of that in just one breath .He burbed and again went in the room. As he went in the room he did not close the door properly so luckily I got a chance to peep inside the room. I saw more of that tall men playing carom round a table which was placed in the middle of the room .Then someone closed the room door. Then carefully we slid out of our hiding places and ran towards that room and placed our ears along the door .We could hear laughing .Just then someone said “I think we should sleep now as we have to make those noises at night and we also have to deal with those kids “.Then we heard “yes you are right “s. Then we heard the noises of turning off the lights . Then we went curious about those kids they were talking about .

So we searched all over the house but we did not had to search much longer as after 15 to 20 minutes searching I found a door which had a staircase going up.We closed the door behind us so as to be careful.We were just about to go up when we heard a  knock knock sound.We went cold when I discovered that it was my ringtone.Every body looked at me in anger.I smiled nervously and they said “you almost killed us with fear”.I said sorry and I recieved the call.our friends who were at the front door were calling me.They asked me if we were alright I said we were and told them we would be right there in 2 to 3 hours.Then I cancelled the call and continued to go up.we reached th first floor but there was nothing supicious except bags of candies.But we decided to ignore them for the meanwhile.Then we reached the second floor and there we got frozen to the spot  for what we saw was some injured kids covered in blood from different places.Some were a little better so we asked them who did this to them.One kid told us that”go away from here or these people will do the same to you what they did to us.They offer candies to kids going all alone to school.Then they bring them in the house.Then they beat those kids up and keep them here.And those kids who are little intelligent and get to understand what they are up to they kill them harshly.They buy those candies in low price and sell those in high price somewhere else.They make those noises at night as they want to scare away the people so that they can move away from here safely without letting anyone know.If you go down the basement you will find bags of money and gold which the have earned  buy selling candies at high price.”Upon hearing this,we went into the basement and got shocked.There were not just 2 to 3 bags but 20 OF THEM!

We controlled our screams.Then we made a video of the bags,the candies and those poor kids.We also recorded the house and its expensive furniture.Then we went out.As we stepped out the door our friends asked us if everything went well we nodded and walked towards the street and told those friends who were there that everything went well and now we must go home then we’ll think about what to do about those criminals.We went to our house and had dinner.Then I called everyone to come over my house to plan what to  do next.They came and I told them the plan “we will call the police and tell them to come at the time when kids go to school and are kidnapped by those criminals.We would reach the house before the police keep the watch at the house.”So we called the police and told them the decided time.They agreed to come.

Next day we woke up early in the morning to reach there first.We got dressed quickly and reached the house.We had to wait for 10 to15 minutes when the police arrived.When those people got out to kidnap kids the police surrounded them and we showed them the videos to the police and they found the bags of candy and money.Soon the media reached there and everything was on  the news.The media took our interviews that how we made this dangerous attempt and got successful so easily.We were so glad that everything worked according to the plan.The neighbours were happy as they got their kids back dead or alive better or worse than other ones but at least they got em back.Our parents were proud of us.

And then we lived happily ever after and so did the neighbourhood.

The scary skeleton






John,Mary and his group mates were running,there was a scary skeleton following them.Out of a sudden,Mary fell down, John stopped to help her up.She stood up and started running again.

The skeleton was scary,had red eyes and bony and scary hands.

Few days ago,John and his group came to camping and they intentionally booked a haunted cottage to have fun.On the right of that cottage was a graveyard,on the left was a deep forest,on the back was a dry plain and on the front was a farm.When they arrived it was evening already,they were really excited to have bonfire and other camping activities.

So the first  thing they did was to cook dinner,they prepared Barbecue and had fun.

As the darkness grew, they got tired and after that went to sleep.

The next morning they woke up around 11 o’clock.They had breakfast and then went out to explore.

The view was really amazing in the morning.First they went out to explore the forest around 1o’clock. The forest was amazing.They came back around 6o’clock.It was getting dark so they started preparing dinner.Then they went to sleep.

At midnight they got up as they heard a strange noise. They went to check it out.They didn’t saw anyone.They thought maybe it would get dangerous here and they should leave as soon as possible.So they packed their stuff and sat in the jeep.

They took the road they came from but on the half way the road was blocked due to fallen huge rocks.

They turned back and tried the dry plain but could not go through because  of some wild animals they could not go through the farm either so they had to use the graveyard.

In the middle of the graveyard the jeep stopped as the radiotor heated up.So they picked up their stuff and then they were all on feet.

After walking 2 to 3 hours without stopping  the sat down somewhere to have some rest.

It was when the scary skeleton came out of a grave and started following them.They all started to run as fast as they could.

Out of a sudden, Mary fell down, and John stopped to help her up. She stood up and started running again.

The skeleton was scary ,had red eyes and bony and scary hands. The skeleton was quick and got hold of John’s two friends; Helen and Lucy.

After getting out of the graveyard, John realized that Helen and Lucy were missing.

He catched a bus to the city and was really sad with the loss of his friends.

And nobody knows what  the skeleton  did with Helen and Lucy.





Smile and chuckle

Laugh and cheer


Friendship is friendship


 Fight, then retreat

Angry, then joyful


Friendship is friendship

 Sharing and caring

Healing and feeling


It is the gift of Allah

It is the treasure never to be bought


Friendship is friendship


Hamdard Naunehal is Fatima’s best friend

Collect knowledge, laugh, and acquaintance ship


Friendship is friendship




CONTRIBUTED BY | Arsalan Ullah Khan

Stars twinkle, faint and bright


Stars come to sparkle every night


They are far away from us


They shine with a gleaming light


How pleasant is to watch them in the dark Sky


How great is this enchanting sight


We can gaze them with our eyes


In spite of their so much height


Night brings a blanket of stars


For us to stare at with delight




One who can do it…

CONTRIBUTED BY | Ahmed Adnan Tariq

You think it’s impossible but it’s true,


For the one who can do it is probably you,


Just keep trying hard and fear not!


Choose your path and have faith in God.


Now, strive for your mission and you have won,


For everything is impossible until it’s done!


Inspired by:- 

                      “It always seems impossible until it’s done” – Nelson Mandela






CONTRIBUTED BY | Tayyab Shahid



Flowers are useful

They smell good,

They are used in happiness

In birthdays and marriages

They are of different colors,

They are used in medicines

They have important seeds

Which we are in need

With seeds they are grown

A rose is full of thrown







I like stars,

I like stars,

They are so far,

I see them from my car,

They are on the sky,

Ooh! A shooting star is passing by,

Stars are hot,

They are lonely a lot

I see the stars,

While eating choco bars,

I like stars,

I like stars.

Witch’s Gold


CONTRIBUTED BY | Ahmed Adnan Tariq 



Though witches, who were very old

Living in a cave, wow, very cold


Very optimistic for a leisure

So trying to sell their heap of


Chirpy pigeons were all afraid of

So stories of witches were never


Enrique, the merchant with lot of

Travelling all around, was very


Had a beautiful house with garden

For a handful, wanted it to be


Meeting witches, he knew to be

But confidence of honesty was in
his hold


Witches tried to snatch his

But could not get him rolled


So grabbing witches silver and

Enrique never ever let this
story unfold




You may think stars are normal
creations made for the night.

But they’re not made just to give

They have there own life.

Full of unseen spice.

They’re not just yellow like gold,

And they are grand and old,
They can’t be taken to be sold,

Without the stars the sky will fold

Stars go to school
To be cool

They are just like us
But they live in the Night

They have peace
No traps more release

Just like us we do sports
And stars do the same

They can talk and do
everything we can

Everyone has there own star
That’s how they get there own

So try to find your star
Is it close or is it far

Now don’t forget that you can draw stars too.
On paper or a screen.

Now tell me what I mean?

You are correct A star can be close to you on paper
 or in your dreams in your head.

Do you think that the moon is a star?
You are correct.

The moon is close to the stars
and it does the same thing a star does.
It is actually the queen of the stars

Did you know the sun is also a star?
If you said yes then you are correct.

The sun is the king of the stars.
 It is just like a star except it lives in the day

Have you learned anything about stars today? 

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